Summer Passport Activity Booklet
  • Summer Passport Activity Booklet
  • Summer Passport Activity Booklet
  • Summer Passport Activity Booklet
  • Summer Passport Activity Booklet
  • Summer Passport Activity Booklet
  • Summer Passport Activity Booklet

Summer Passport Activity Booklet


This Summer Passport Activity Booklet product was created to help teachers and parents find fun, easy, and creative summer activities for students and children (as an alternative to technology and boredom) for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. With over 100 different summer activities in various categories (Field Trip Fun, Indoor Fun, Outdoor Fun, Reading and Writing Fun, Sports Fun, Vacation Fun, and Water Fun), children are sure to find ways around the "I'm Bored Syndrome".

There is one editable text box on the cover page where you can type the child's name (or you can print it as is and they can write their own name in the space at the top of the cover). Each activity page is a half sheet of paper and is categorized by type of activity. You can choose to bind each section separately (as shown in the thumbnails) or you can bind the entire book. Please note that there are over 100 activities and the binding would need to accommodate that many pages (this is not designed to be copied back to back because I wanted kids to have space to adhere artifacts from their experiences, like movie stubs, pictures, additional comments, or pictures). 

The following sections are included in this summer passport activity pack:
Field Trip Fun includes 12 activities (examples include amusement park, bowling, carnival, miniature golf, movie theater, and zoo).

Indoor Fun includes 22 activities (examples include doing a puzzle, having a dance party, making a pet rock, organizing a mess, and playing charades).

Outdoor Fun includes 30 activities (examples include blowing bubbles, climbing a tree, flying a kite, going on a treasure hunt, planting flowers, and pulling weeds).

Reading and Writing Fun includes 16 activities (examples include reading a brochure, reading a magazine, writing a riddle, writing a poem, and writing a song).

Sports Fun includes 12 activities (examples include badminton, baseball, gymnastics, karate, ping-pong, and tennis).

Vacation Fun includes 4 activities (this section includes airplane ride, bus ride, road trip, and train ride).

Water Fun includes 10 activities (examples include beach day, boating, canoeing/kayaking, sailing, swimming, and water balloons).

NOTE: THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. The binding you see in the thumbnails WILL NOT be sent to you in the mail. It is the buyers responsibility to bind the passport pages as they see fit. The pictures in the thumbnails are simply examples of ONE way that you can bind the booklets together. You must cut the pages in half and bind them yourself after you download the product.

The final five pages of the product are stamps that can be cut out and glued to each completed activity page. If you choose, you can purchase a stamp pad and stamp instead of using these images. I included them so that buyers would not be required to purchase a stamp in addition to the product.

This file contains 71 pages.


  • Purchasing this product gives the purchaser ONE LICENSE to this product.  This allows the purchaser the right to reproduce this product for HIS/HER class ONLY.  Duplication for an entire team, school, or school district is strictly forbidden.   If other teachers would like copies of this product, please direct them to my store.
  • You may not reproduce, redistribute, or post this item on a blog or website for download (free or paid). Copying any part of this product (even for a classroom website) is also in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • You may not modify, copy, or alter this product in any way.
  • Please feel free to spread the word about this product via social media or blog post. A link to the product (or my store) is much appreciated.

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